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Interactive Marketing: Social Media

By now, most people know the importance of social media - after all, Facebook alone has nearly 800 million users. But there are other social networks beyond Facebook. Twitter has over 200 million users tweeting one billion times each week, and LinkedIn has 120 million users-both networks have unique opportunities and ways to capitalize on that. Still other networks, such as Tumblr, MySpace, and the new Google+ (among others) have tailored audiences that may be receptive to your company's message. Even YouTube can be an excellent place for customers - provided you have video content or commercials. And if you don't have video, we can help with that as well. Xcellarant can deliver a seamless presence on the social networks-one that matches the look-and-feel of your website and other marketing materials. But beyond simply having a presence on social networks, we can help you get customers through the following packages:

Social Media Setup
Xcellarant will set up brand pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, including a unique branded design page-dramatically enhancing your brand's ability to stand out. Since social followers are much more likely to engage with a brand, we will cultivate followers through organic methods and hyper-targeted advertising* to your core demographic. Finally, a process to track various tweets (for Twitter) or Facebook & LinkedIn messages will be developed - either the company can manage the ongoing social marketing using this tracking, or Xcellarant can handle this on a more robust basis moving forward.

Social Media Monthly Operation

Xcellarant will posts daily (even on weekends) updates to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, along with any other networks where customers can engage your brand and drive business.

Beyond these standard opportunities, Facebook specifically has enabled some very powerful tools in the last year that allow activity to be conducted on the site (commonly known as "Facebook apps"). With these, you may be able to have customers sign up or purchase products from you directly on Facebook-opening an enormous world of potential customers to your company.

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