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Interactive Marketing: Paid Search (PPC) Solutions

Paid search has exploded in growth and popularity in the past decade, primarily because it is so advertising friendly. Intuitively, if you are searching for something, say "save energy", you are looking for solutions to this problem. Google and Bing (the two largest search engines) will display your ads based on a dynamic-bidding system, and you only pay when a viewer clicks on the ad and is taken to your site. So not only is the person interested in finding a solution, but you only pay when they click (pay-per-click, PPC).

This is far more efficient (and leads to customers
are a much greater rate) than display advertising, where you pay every time an ad is displayed on a visitor's screen.

In those cases, not only is the person not
searching for your solution, they very well may not even notice the ad-yet you pay for it nonetheless. It is not hard to see why paid search is such a powerful tool to tap into a vast potential market.

Since some companies have zero familiarity with paid search and others have campaigns running for years, Xcellarant offers three different paid search solutions:

Paid Search Forecast Package - shows search potential and keyword costs-per-click (CPCs), models expected daily costs, conversions and cost to acquire each customer

Paid Search Campaign Setup - incorporates details of your business, develop the appropriate keywords, cost-per-click (CPC), match types, ads, conversion tracking and landing page

Paid Search Campaign Management & Optimization - analyzes and implements changes to keyword match types, CPCs, ads, landing pages, etc.

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