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Interactive Marketing: Paid Search Campaign Set-Up

Developing a forecast for paid search is only the first step. While it is helpful to know exactly what you will spend and approximately what results you will receive, without the ability to create a campaign and optimize it, you won't actually obtain those customers.

There are many factors that go into a successful paid search campaign. Among those are the following:

Ads -
Unlike graphical display ads, ads in
paid search are text only (see example < ). There are many other restrictions, such as headlines cannot exceed 25-characters in length and descriptions have other limitations. This limits the amount of information that can be displayed and places paramount importance on describing your product or service to customers. Additionally, some ads perform better than others, so you must create different variations to see which attract the most clicks and conversions.

Keywords - These are the actual words or phrases that you bid on in Google's dynamic bidding landscape. Depending on the word(s) chosen, there may be low competition and low costs, or it may be extremely competitive, where you pay $25 - 40 every time someone clicks on your ad. Added to that incredible variance, there are different "match types", so that you can choose whether your ads are shown only when the exact keyword phrase is displayed, when the keywords are displayed in any order, or when the keywords are entered along with any other words-broadening the potential, but lessening its conversion percentage.

Clickthrough Rate -
One of the important factors governing the effectiveness of the campaign is the percentage of users that click on your ad versus how many see it-this is known as the Clickthrough Rate (CTR). A low CTR might be indicative that users who see your ad don't find it very relevant to what they are searching for. Conversely, a high CTR means that you are doing a very efficient job attracting attention (through your ads) and getting users to click them.

Landing Page - Arguably, the most important aspect of a paid search campaign is the landing page-this is essentially a microsite with limited navigation (so as to encourage matriculation through a conversion funnel). Directing paid search traffic to a homepage is a common mistake, and results in far less efficient performance for a campaign. While a landing page should be similar to the look-and-feel of your site, its elements are typically very different and have unique functions. At its core, it should convey your value proposition and intrigue the customer enough to enter their contact information and learn more, or purchase a product, depending on the business model. If you do not have a landing page created, we can assist you with that.

Tracking Pixel Implementation - Google provides a tracking pixel (a simple line of code) that can be placed on the desired page, to track whether or not an individual that clicked on your ad, actually made it past your landing page. This is important because while analytics for the paid search campaign are important, they are only one-half of the puzzle-even more important are whether or not the people that clicked-through your ads actually became customers.

At Xcellarant, we have assisted dozens of businesses with setting up paid search campaigns, and understand the importance of the above factors. We will incorporate the details of your business, develop the appropriate keywords, cost-per-click (CPC), match types, ads, conversion tracking and landing page (if not already created). Whether you would like to set a preliminary budget at $50/day or $5,000/day, we will set up the campaign and when your team is ready for the leads, turn it live. At that point, we can train you to manage it yourself, or we can manage your paid search on an ongoing basis.

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