Xcellarant delivers enterprisesolutions for go-to-market strategy, sales coverage, sales compensation, sales audits
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Go-To-Market Strategy  •  Sales & BizDev Compensation  •  Sales & BizDev Coverage
Skills Assessments: Mrktg Audits  •
 Alliances & Alliance Development  •  Virtual Marketing Department

Enterprise: Sales & Business Development Coverage

We can optimize your current investments or we can help to develop a disciplined approach to assessing where to enhance your investments to drive accelerated performance.

Unlike other consulting firms we will help design your coverage of the marketplace to the rep or assignment level. We will assess your current state and help you to facilitate the implementation of new coverage models to drive performance. Our experience working with sales and business operations ensures your infrastructure supports our recommendations. We can help you gain valuable insight into market penetration and sales force results down to the individual level. We will work side by side with your internal operations resources to ensure you have the visibility required for decision making and implementation..We understand the enormous impact your sales and business development coverage model has on your ROI and that is why a thoughtful and deliberate alignment of the sales organization's resources to your business strategy is an imperative.

I. Current State Analysis

 Customer Reach  •   Prospect Levels    Goal Alignment  •  Historical Performance  Market & Industry Segments  •  Distribution Analysis    Win/Loss Analysis  •  Casual Analysis  Retention & Growth    Focus on Untapped Potential    Market Segmentation  •  Customer Retention  Employee Retention  •  Revenue to Headcount  •  Skills Assessment  •  Sales & Business Development Leadership

II. Model Future State

 New Markets    New Strategies    Better Goal Alignment  •   Customers Accountability    Market Segmentation Strategy Alignment  •   Roles & Responsibilities  •   Profiles  •   Key Financial Metrics    Growth Markets  •   Alternate Channels  •   Institutionalize Client Business Review & Structure Processes

III. Implementation and Delivery
 Performance and Financial Modeling
 Ensure systems readiness
 Communications Packages

We work side by side with your designated operational leadership and internal Subject Matter Experts (SME) to ensure we build something you CAN implement successfully.

Approaching sales coverage in a systematic and planned way will yield greater sales productivity and provide the essential objectivity needed for change; whether it is reconfiguration of assignment and account responsibilities, increased sales coverage for new markets, alternative channels as the vehicle for delivery, discovering the potential of mobility applications, optimizing the power of the internet, or reducing costs and mitigating risk…….

Our goals for every sales Coverage Engagement are clear. Our deliverables enable clients to achieve stronger return on investments, and real, sustainable competitive advantage.

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