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Enterprise: Sales and Business Development Compensation

A sales compensation plan that is not well aligned to corporate objectives is not defensible because, the first use of a sales comp plan is for the manager, one on one, to show their people (reps) how they can use it to make money.

We work across all the Functional areas involved in compensation planning from Finance to HR. We can help to tap into the internal knowledge and ideas your team has, as well partner with your team and build consensus across the enterprise to break down the functional differences of opinions that often arise when compensation is under discussion. Our approach is straightforward; the result is a game changer.

Our Philosophy:
 •  Align incentives to business objectives and corporate goals
 •  Incentives are a tactical tool
 Sales compensation impacts people two basic ways
~ Can increase their overall selling behavior
~ Can direct one selling behavior over another
 •  Complexity keeps Sales and Business Development folks out of the "field" ; spending
       less time interacting with customers
 Drive Revenue, Revenue, and more Revenue - Profitable Revenue

Our Approach:

Assess last year's plan-there are a myriad of things we look for in assessing your plan. That course is charted once we have a good understanding of your business model and your objectives.

The following are a set of factors we generally will look at: what were the objectives or emphasis, what worked, what didn't work, sales goals vs. financial performance, benchmarking, performance vs. actual compensation analysis, revenue goals vs. profitability, distribution of sales force to performance, actual revenues, Year-over-year Growth, , Spend vs. Financial Performance, if there are multiple plans are the costs of this granularity beneficial to the company, long term contracts, new business vs. annuity business, potential for cross selling the company product or service portfolio... We must understand how your sales goads or quotas are set. Finally, we need to understand the financial envelope for sales compensation so we understand how much you want to target in this area.

Sample Design Elements for consideration: We work across and with all the Functional areas involved in compensation planning form Finance to HR.
 Are Benchmarks and pay lines competitive?
 Does the Plan recognize the business and contracts that you want?
 Does it incorporate a few vital elements to drive priorities?
 Does it drive business you would not get otherwise?
 Can all activity be measured?
 Does it meet /Pay for Performance Philosophy?
 Does it provide the foundation for "go-in" excitement?
 Is there sufficient management flexibility built in?

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