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Enterprise: Alliances & Alliance Development

An alliance is broadly defined as a business relationship between two separate and independent companies who intend to work together for more than a single transaction, engagement, or a series of development activities or transactions. These relationships are an investment.

The investment takes many forms and is often an evolutionary process. They should also center on a commitment to drive revenue and end user value that will be greater than if the client engaged with either company independently. Investments are made in resources, training, marketing, integrated strategies to serve unique business needs, co-solution development, and co-branding. Whatever form they take it will be an investment of time and money and most often both.

Even the best strategy will not be successful if the two companies cannot define rules of engagement for working together. Too much time and money has been spent in formulating alliances that don't produce results. If your mission is to maximize client value and accelerate your results a thoughtful, strategic, and well defined approach and operational plan is imperative.

An example of the areas we can focus on and tailor to your needs are:
 Alliance Evaluation Process - Alliance Approval Process
 Identification of potential alliances - Selection process for targeting joint accounts
 Management Process Improvements - Developing an Alliance Classification Structure
 Development of performance metrics - Developing Alliance Marketing Programs
 Developing an Alliance Budget - Evaluation of Alliance Resources
 Building a market Facing Alliance Organization - Creating an Alliance Business Plans
 Renewal or Termination criteria and Processes - Alliance Training
 Developing or Restructuring your Integrated Alliance Program

Our Approach:  Discovery    Targeting     Validating  Implementation  Execution

All phases of work are centered around four distinct themes: Articulating and Aligning Strategy across the organization

 Identifying, Prioritizing
 Cost/benefit and Revenue Opportunities
 Executing Project, Risk, Interdependency and Transition Management
 Enabling Execution and Individual Change

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